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Red Rice

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Red Rice

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Our rice comes from several provinces including Bulacan, Nueva Ecija and Palawan.


Red rice is different just because it's contains nutrients called anthocyanins. This is the same compound found natural in other red-purple fruits and vegetables.

Red rice has similar calorie content to the other rices -- for 100 grams of uncooked red rice there's 360 calories. However, the fibre content is much higher at 6.2 grams per 100 grams which is up to 3x higher than white rice.

It has a Glycemic index of 55 vs white rice which is at 75, meaning you won't get your sugar high and crashes which can be distracting throughout the day.



Based on a 100g serving

Carbohydrates 86g
Fat 5g
Proteins 7g
Fiber 3g
water 1.8g
Iron 6mg
Zinc 4mg
Potassium 256mg
Sodium 6mg


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