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Banana Latundan / Saging

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Banana Latundan / Saging

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Banana Black Spots - Good or Bad?

The black spots on bananas still ok and are common to the variety of bananas in the Philippines - Lakatan, Latundan and Saba. The black spots actually build TNF, which is a substance that has proven to fight cancer and is widely used in Japan.

While too many black spots can mean its overripe, those spots are big, soft and mushy). Meanwhile small spots that are like moles or freckles are part of the fruit’s development.

If you are looking for a spotless item, the popular Cavendish banana found in coffee shops may be what you are looking for - a banana engineered by Israel.

In case you receive a banana with spots, check to see if they are big and mushy. If they aren't, we're pretty sure you're going to have one good and healthy snack.

Just to make sure, that our promise of quality is met, if every you open one that has spots and it has gone bad, take a photo and send it over. We are happy to replace it on our next delivery to your area. :)